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"If your company is focused on top line growth, accountability and leadership development, Vicki Merrill is your best partner."

— Steven Rodriguez, Sr. Vice President, Sales, Ceridian

The MIH (Make it Happen) Accountability Process Proven to Improve Performance

  • Do you wonder why everyone is so busy, but you don't seem to be making any progress?
  • Does your team generate great ideas, but they don't seem to get executed?
  • Do you find you are revisiting the same issues, but not moving forward?
  • Do you or your team have difficulty addressing poor performers?
  • Would you like to have a more results-focused organization?

The DSAMiH facilitated Accountability process will help you and your direct reports craft the following in a half-day session, and in that short time, your team will:

  • Determine your top 5 success metrics for the organization
  • Cascade the goals: negotiate the top 5 success metrics for each team member that are in alignment with the organization's success and which represent their best contributions
  • Learn the process for crafting clear and measurable goals
  • Gain the team's perspective on what is most important
  • Learn the process for engaging the team's experience and energy into MIH (Make it Happen) actions
  • Gain the team's commitment on specifically what they will do to ensure success

DSAMiH Deliverables

  • Facilitation of the session with challenging workbook materials and exercises to craft the above goals quickly while ensuring a fun, interactive, and energizing day
  • Documented goal sheets for each team member in a format that provides ongoing monthly accountability and reporting of results as well as MIH actions
  • If requested, ongoing monthly facilitation of the MIH Accountability meetings, which monitor progress toward the plan, providing coaching for overcoming obstacles
  • Access by phone throughout the month

What clients say about DSAMiH's MIH Accountability Process:

"We have engaged Vicki Merrill and DSAMIH Consulting and have been extremely pleased with her ability to help us in setting effective strategic goals and measurements for each department as well as providing accountability processes to help us meet them."

— Ron Stanley, President, Empire Bolt


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