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"I would highly recommend the programs offered through DSAMIH. Vicki's thoughtful insights and analysis of the exercises she leads are extremely beneficial to our team and have become valuable tools to develop stronger and more cohesive leadership."

— Ken Beall, Managing Member, Dartbrook Partners, LLC.

Take Advantage of the Leadership Edge

  • Has your team grown from within and you are concerned that they aren't armed with the tools or training to be real leaders?
  • Do you have a great team but would like to significantly raise their level of performance without sending them all back to school or to MBA programs?
  • Does your team need a common, agreed upon language and system for taking their performance to the next level?

The DSAMiH Leadership Edge will provide an interactive training day packed with fun and simple tools for taking improving team performance. Each participant will receive proven and practical tools for:

  • More effective communication
  • Powerful presentations
  • Strategic and proactive thinking
  • Delegation without micromanagement
  • Effective time management
  • Accountability offered in a firm, fair way
  • Leadership that creates followers

DSAMiH Deliverables

  • Written personal goals for each participant that will elevate personal performance and contribution to organization success
  • MIH (Make it Happen) Actions and documented individual commitments for achieving their growth goals
  • Individual communication and management style analysis
  • Presentation materials for the participant's ongoing reference

What clients say about DSAMIH's Leadership Training:

"When it comes to Leadership Development, there are many consultants out there, but Vicki Merrill truly "Makes It Happen". She has worked with nearly 50 leaders in our organization; today 70% of those leaders are considered as "distinguished" amongst their peers."

— Barbara Francis, V.P. Human Resources, SC Fuels

"Vicki Merrill has been instrumental in helping us to develop our management philosophy at the Southern California Campus. It has become ingrained into our culture and has led to an efficiently run, motivated and successful organization. For this reason, we are rolling it out to the entire Western Region and are sending all of our Directors through her leadership training. I would recommend Vicki's training for any organization, large or small."

— Jennifer M. Cisna, Regional Vice President - Western Region, University of Phoenix


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