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 "Vicki Merrill provides strong guidance and gentle leadership to help you get in touch with your truth. She has helped me accomplish what I set out to do. Through her graceful yet challenging methods, I have become a more polished leader, founded a successful company, and am finally enjoying the thriving personal life I have craved for the majority of my adult life."

— Amy Alyeshmerni, Owner, The Leasing Studio

Life Planning for Future Success

  • Are you proud of the success you've achieved, but unclear about what comes next?
  • Are you not where you want to be or at a crossroads in life and don't know your next move?
  • Do you want to take a more active role in the creation of your future?
  • Do you spend more time planning your vacation than your life or your career?

The DSAMiH Life Planning process will help you and/or members of your team determine your:

  • Personal strengths, lesser strengths, opportunities and threats
  • Definition of Success — what is it you want to accomplish specifically?
  • Vision — defining exactly what you want from your life
  • Mission — defining your purpose and how you want to be remembered
  • Values and how they attract opportunities to thrive
  • Top 5 success metrics for this portion of your life
  • Top 10 MiH (Make it Happen) actions

DSAMiH Deliverables

  • A clear, concise and compelling life plan that defines success, fully crafted and documented within 24 hours of the session. The plan will outline all the day's decisions in a PowerPoint format, providing an ongoing reference and accountability system as well as a tool for effectively communicating your life plan with your spouse and/or family.
  • If requested, ongoing monthly coaching for overcoming obstacles and monitoring progress toward the documented plan
  • Couples and even group Personal Life Planning programs are also available

What clients say about DSAMIH's Personal Life Planning:

"After 15 years as Chairman and CEO of Constellation Brands, the time had come to pass the CEO role to my brother. It was through Vicki that I really developed the courage to let go and let others lead, the wisdom to realize that knowing what I don't know is far more important than that which I do know, and the compassion to really listen with empathy and not have to have all the answers. I am a better resource to all the leaders within Constellation and a better leader in the various philanthropic endeavors that I currently lead as a result of Vicki Merrill's leadership lessons and tools."

— Richard Sands, Executive Chairman, Constellation Brands


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